Help Support Documentary On Black Hammer Artist Dean Ormston

Help Support Documentary On Black Hammer Artist Dean Ormston

A Unique Story

We have always been keen to support crowdfunding campaigns that relate to comics and Working Class Superhero is a documentary project by Paul Ross telling the story of Black Hammer artist Dean Ormston who has had a rather eventful couple of years. Here’s some details…

Dean Ormston – Working Class Superhero

Told from a personal perspective of Dean Ormston from teenage years, through narration, interview with the subject and people who have known him, including myself.

The story charts his progression, from small yorkshire mining town to become an internationally renowned comic book artist, including attempts to break into the music business, an exploration of youth in the early 80’s, his work with 2000AD comic, the road to recovery from a brain haemorrhage, regaining the use of his drawing hand and triumph over adversity to create award-winning graphic novel series Black Hammer.
The documentary will be 1 hour in length, but I also want to produce a separate series into the processes of creating an award winning comic-book.

I’ve been a commercial videographer for around a decade and this will be the first venture into full documentary, but don’t let that put you off contributing as I am a full on geek, committed to bringing the story to all the other geeks who like to read graphic novels.

Risks and challenges

Access to the artist himself is time-critical since he’s quite a busy man, but I intend to gather a lot of supplementary interviews to accommodate and move the story forward. Part of the reason for the Kickstarter is to allow me to purchase rather than rent camera equipment, allowing me to pick up whenever an opportunity presents itself to film contributions.

Contribute to the campaign here

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