Help Support Mike Baron And Barry McClain’s Q Ball Kickstarter

Help Support Mike Baron And Barry McClain’s Q Ball Kickstarter

Meet Q Ball

♦ We have always been happy to give comic creators a boost with their kickstarter and crowdfunding campaigns so here are the details of veteran comics writer Mike Baron’s Q Ball At #1 kickstarter…

The first order of fiction is to entertain. Comics can be smart. Steve Rude’s and my creation Nexus has won every industry award, gone into multiple printings, and is a staple of libraries everywhere. Comics portray martial arts poorly, focusing on elegant poses rather than intricate fight choreography.

It has been my lifelong mission to change that, first with Badger, then with Kato and Bruce Lee, now with Q-Ball, which I co-created with Denver artist Barry McClain. Barry is an explosive artist who is just getting started. Barbara Kaalberg is an amazing inker. Charlie Hogg is our talented colorist and letterer.

Our audience used to pick up Master of Kung Fu or Iron Fist hoping for a glimpse of real kung fu. Q-Ball is more than fight scenes, it is also an exploration of character, a romance, and a spy story.

The first issue is finished. It is stunning. One glimpse of the art alone will be enough to sell this project.

We’re going the Kickstarter route because the starving independents have pinned all their hopes on movie franchise characters and no longer accept original concepts.

Q-Ball story is about Detroit homeboy Curtis Ball joined the Merchant Marine and ended up managing a warehouse in Manila. Curtis wanted only two things out of life: to see the world and study Kali/Escrima. But when a pack of tuxedoed sharks muscle their way into his warehouse, Curtis learns the hard way that it’s not always smart to mind your own business. The spooks are looking for Donna Wing, a beautiful Chinese blogger, forced to flee due to her exposes of human rights abuse. Now Curtis and Donna are on the run—from the Chinese government, the tongs, and a group of international cutthroats who will stop at nothing to stop them from reaching the United States and spilling their guts. Sometimes you have to spill some guts to spill your guts.

Risks and challenges
We are experienced writers and artists with a history of completing projects on time. This comic book is completed. There are shipping and printing deadlines which are sometimes out of our control but we are working with a reputable printer.

The mock ups of the book are an example only and the final copy may look slightly different. We wanted you to see the artwork and have a good idea of how the comic book would look.

We are very conscientious about getting this comic book to you on time.

If you would like to support this book, here’s where you need to go

Q Ball Mike Baron Kickstarter


  1. That awkward moment when a staunch Trump supporter tries to make dosh off the back of a black character.


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