Help Support Ted Naifeh’s Heroines Kickstarter Campaign

Help Support Ted Naifeh’s Heroines Kickstarter Campaign

Female Empowerment With A Twist

♦ We always like to support comic people’s kickstarters and crowdfunding campaigns and Ted Naifeh has just kicked off one so here are the details…

Ted Naifeh and Space Goat Publishing Presents: The Heroines Graphic Novel.

Heroines is the flagship title of Space Goat’s Backpack Editions imprint–and Ted’s first crowdfunded campaign!

The 6×9 digest-size Heroines graphic novel completes the entire Heroines series in one book. Eight chapters totaling over 200 pages of content created by Ted Naifeh awaits you in The Heroines Collection.

Heroines tells the tale of Marcy Madison, a bright, capable young woman just out of college, blessed with boundless optimism, a fresh perspective, and a nifty superpower–ready to make the world a better place. Marcy finds that most of the world is trapped in its own dysfunctional stories, mired in pessimism, and is more than ready to dismiss her. However, she’s determined to blaze her own trail, which soon proves dangerous.

“All my life, I’ve been a fan of superheroes in one form or another,” said creator Ted Naifeh. “And I’ve always wanted to explore the genre, to see if I could tease out something new. Working outside the mainstream and with readers directly on Kickstarter gives me the creative freedom to do just that.”

But that’s not all, we’re also giving the backers opportunity to pledge for a copy of volume 1, signed by Ted Naifeh, in addition to their copy of the Heroines graphic novel.

Backers will get to see original concept and layout work for Heroines as well as be able to pledge at a tiers that include cameos in the second half of Heroines: The Graphic novel.

Still not convinced? Below is a link to the first digital chapter of Heroines!


“Naifeh’s art is sleek, with heavy intricacies only when they’re needed. I love how he draws technology throughout. ” — Mexi Gremillion, Comicosity

“Comic creator Ted Naifeh is a name where you can expect quality entertainment when you see it.” — Graphics Policy

“I think what Ted Naifeh is doing with this title is incredible. Not just for the young women out there who don’t get enough encouragement, but for any young boy or girl.” — Brutal Gamer


Ted Naifeh Heroines Kickstarter campaign www.tripwiremagazine

For full details and how to pledge, visit here

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