Ian McShane Joins Hellboy Reboot

Ian McShane Joins Hellboy Reboot

A Devilishly Clever Casting Choice

♦Neil Marshall’s new Hellboy already has its central protagonist in the shape of David Harbour and now it has added to its cast. News  has just reached us  from The Hollywood Reporter that Ian McShane, from American Gods and an acting career spanning decades, has just joined the cast…

Ian McShane, currently starring on Starz’s American Gods, is joining David Harbour in Lionsgate and Millennium’s Hellboy reboot.

Harbour is toplining as the demonic hero from the Mike Mignola comic books in a new feature, titled Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, that Neil Marshall, the horror director who broke out with The Descent and won raves for his work on Game of Thrones, is on board to direct.

The new story sees the hero squaring off against a medieval sorceress who seeks to destroy humankind.

McShane will play Hellboy’s adoptive father, Professor Broom. The project is eyeing a September start and will shoot in the UK and Bulgaria. Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin are producing along with Mike Richardson of Dark Horse Entertainment.

McShane, who won a Golden Globe for starring in Deadwood, has been winning praise for his work on Gods, in which he plays Mr. Wednesday, an enigmatic god from the Norse myths. He has also been a steady presence in the John Wick movies, where he plays the steely-eyed owner of the boutique hotel that caters to assassins.

The Hellboy casting keeps him in the Lionsgate family as the studio is also behind the Wick franchise and it also owns Starz, the maker of Gods.

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