Karen Rubins Is Kickstarting Comic Turns Playable Card System

Karen Rubins Is Kickstarting Comic Turns Playable Card System

Play Your Cards Right

♦ We at Tripwire always like to support kickstarter campaigns focused on comics and Karen Rubins is running a campaign to fund her Comic Turns deck of cards system. Here’s some details on it…

Comic Turns is a comics storytelling game system – a deck of cards where each has a comic panel all carefully designed so that they can be arranged in any order to make countless new comic strips and infinite stories. I have produced all the art and design myself. The game has multiple ways to play. Its suitable for kids and adults aged 7+, and is great for learning about  story structure and how comics work as well as inspiring creative writing, and being a really fun, deceptively quick and simple game to play.
Comic Turns follows in the footsteps of Scott McCloud’s Five Card Nancy and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey’s Hypercomics, and makes creating comics completely accessible to all, as well as being a fun storytelling game that lies on the spectrum between Rory’s Story Cubes and Once Upon a Time. It is a quite unique crossover between comics and tabletop gaming.
Here’s the URL to support it: Comic Turns Kickstarter

Comic Turns Kickstarter www.tripwiremagazine.co.uk

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