London’s Piccadilly Circus tube renamed ‘Picardilly’ Ahead Of Picard

London’s Piccadilly Circus tube renamed ‘Picardilly’ Ahead Of Picard

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Picard starts on CBS All Access on 23 January and on Amazon Prime on 24 January and London’s Piccadilly Circus tube station has got a temporary rebranding…

Piccadilly Circus, the world-famous station on the Piccadilly line, has been officially renamed ‘Picardilly Circus’, ahead of the forthcoming new Star Trek spin-off series Star Trek: Picard.

The show will see Sir Patrick Stewart reprising his role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, available to UK viewers via Amazon Prime Video.

Not only will the Grade II listed tube station boast branding that nods to the show, but it will also include newly-recorded PA announcements.

From yesterday, travellers will be advised on how to avoid ‘card-clash’ (when two contactless cards do battle on a card reader), and also asked to ‘take care when using stairs, escalators or transporters’.

(Credit: TfL/Amazon Prime)

Julie Dixon, Head of Customer Information, Design and Partnerships at Transport for London stated: “We’re thrilled to partner with Amazon Prime Video to create this exciting takeover of one of London’s most well-known Underground stations to celebrate the launch of Star Trek: Picard.

“The Star Trek franchise is a global sensation and we’re excited to mark this next chapter in a creative and engaging way that connects with tens of thousands of people.

“We hope that the out of this world activity has brought a bit of unexpected fun to our customers and that they boldly go on their commute, young or old.”

The show takes place 20 years after the events of the 2002 movie Star Trek: Nemesis, with Picard now retired but still deeply traumatised by the events of the film, notably the death of android pal Data, and the destruction of the planet Romulus.

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