Mathilde Warnier Talks The BBC’s The Serpent

Mathilde Warnier Talks The BBC’s The Serpent

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The Serpent is a new BBC drama set in the 1970s which started on New Year’s Day and here’s an interview with one of its stars Mathilde Warnier…


Who do you play in The Serpent?

We’re back in the 1970s. Nadine Gires (it’s me!) is a young, quirky, brave and bored-by-life French girl who followed her husband to the crazy city of Bangkok. This lonely woman befriended her seemingly lovely neighbours, Charles Sohbraj and Marie-Andrée.

Until the terrible day where her best friend Dominique gave her revelations she’ll never forget…

Then, a breathless journey will begin for her (and of course the Knippenberg couple).

What made you want to play Nadine and to work on The Serpent?

Besides the appeal of this fascinating story, I was immediately touched by the courage of Nadine. I couldn’t help but wonder how I would react in her position. Would I have done anything at all? Because the story of Nadine could be anyone – she was only a neighbour in the wrong place at the wrong moment. What would you do?

It’s also very exciting for an actor to portray a character constantly evolving. It’s her coming-of-age story. A slightly brutal coming of age.

There are two strong story lines for Nadine, both as a friend and an undercover agent. I couldn’t have been happier to tell her story as she was, and still is, a damn amazing woman.

Did you meet or speak to the real Nadine, and/or any of the other real-life people depicted in the series?

I talked to her over the phone before shooting and later had the chance to meet her on set. She is even more incredible in real life!

I was intimidated by meeting her, she’s been so strong and The Serpent is the story of her life. I remember having my wig and Scooby Doo style costume on, whilst she was on set and I was terribly worried about what she might think of my portrayal. I have a huge admiration for her.

How did you find your time filming in Thailand?

Filming in Thailand was a delight. My god, I miss it so much…

Why do you think BBC One viewers should watch The Serpent?

I would have been interested in the show, even if I hadn’t been part of it! I’m not ashamed to admit I love watching true crime stories and this one is an incredible journey. Be prepared viewers…

  1. Wow….this actress has it all.. absolutely stole the show x


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