Red Dwarf Teams Up With The AA In New TV Commercial

Red Dwarf Teams Up With The AA In New TV Commercial

Breakdown In Space

The AA, the UK’s most trusted and popular car recovery service, has partnered with the cast of cult sci-fi 80s show Red Dwarf, for its new ad entitled ‘The Future of Breakdown’. Here’s the brand new advert…

The ad, premiered yesterday Monday 1s July at 7:45pm on ITV, is shot like a mini Red Dwarf episode and is sure to delight all fans out there – and convert everyone else!

Red Dwarf AA TV Commercial

Set in space, the ad features Red Dwarf famous green spaceship, Starbug, which breaks down in space. Lister, one of the iconic Red Dwarf characters, uses the AA app to report the breakdown in space, proving that wherever you break down and whatever vehicle you’re driving, the AA can help get you back on the road to continue your journey, thanks to its app which allows drivers up and down the country to benefit from what can be defined as the future of breakdown.

The AA app unique features include:

  • Recovery reportable entirely via the AA app – a breakdown can be reported entirely through the AA app, without the need to speak to an operator in the process, which makes it an easy, tech-forward way to get your vehicle fixed.
  • Breakdown location shared with the AA – It also means that wherever you break down, you can easily report a breakdown to the AA, as customers are able to share their exact location using the app
  • ‘Tap and Track’ feature – The app’s unique ‘tap and track’ feature allows customers to ‘track’ their AA mechanic to their side and check they’re on their way to repair their vehicle as soon as they’re 15 mins away

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