Shawn McManus Needs Your Help To Fund Zombie Cards Kickstarter

Shawn McManus Needs Your Help To Fund Zombie Cards Kickstarter

The Horror Of Sport In Your Own Home

♦ Comic artist Shawn McManus, who has a CV that includes the likes of The Sandman, Fables and Swamp Thing, is currently looking to fund Horror At Home Plate, his 1930’s retro style collectible zombie baseball cards. Here are a few details…

Artist Bio

Primarily a comic book artist most known for my work on Sandman, Swamp Thing and Fables for DC Comics, I’ve also done work for Marvel, Image, and Dark Horse Comics among other publishers. Outside of comics, I’ve done Theme Park design as well as work for movies, television, animation and occasionally Highlights Magazine.

How it began

This project started when I decided to paint a zombie baseball player just for fun between projects. I liked the retro look of it so I did another. Followed by one more, and then one after that. Before I knew it I had 24 of them done. I can’t tell you how much fun these were to do. I showed them to some fellow artists at lunch one day and someone suggested that I should do a KICKSTARTER campaign card set. So here we are. This seems to be a great way to share these cards with more than just family and a few friends.

The story of the United National Baseball League

In 1931 the owners of the Gray Sox built their new stadium on land owned by the Pondasoit Indian Tribe which was seized a year earlier by eminent domain under the pretense of a public improvement project. Incensed, the Chief of the Tribe put a curse on anyone who set foot on the field of the new ballpark. The rotting flesh disease started with the Gray Sox and quickly spread to infect the entire league. For six years the teams played to sellout crowds, more for the spectacle than the contest itself. The curse was broken when an earthquake destroyed the stadium in 1936.



And here’s the link to help support this rather fun-looking project

Horror At Home Plate Kickstarter

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