Support Dan Whitehead And David Hitchcock’s Frankenstein, Texas Kickstarter Campaign

Support Dan Whitehead And David Hitchcock’s Frankenstein, Texas Kickstarter Campaign

The Classic Horror Figure…As You’ve Never Seen Him Before

♦ British independent comics creator David Hitchcock has just started a new kickstarter campaign to fund his Frankenstein, Texas graphic novel with fellow creator and writer Dan Whitehead. Here’s the details…

About this project


What if Mary Shelley’s famous gothic novel was a lie? What if Victor Frankenstein paid Captain Walton to announce both he and his creation had perished and vanished in the Arctic? What if instead the pair headed west, across Europe, to Ireland and from there to the new world? To America?

That’s the concept behind Frankenstein, Texas, a 48-page horror western graphic novel from writer Dan Whitehead (Hex Loader, Midwinter) and Eagle Award winning artist David Hitchcock (Springheeled Jack, The Signal Man).

This is a tale of action and adventure, but also a story that explores ideas of damnation and salvation, of fresh starts and bitter ends, and what it takes to atone for the deadliest of sins.

At the heart of the story is the complex relationship between Frankenstein and his creation. The man, constantly wrestling with the knowledge that he created life from death, and the monster, heartbroken by the violence that rages inside him, and determined to prevent his “father” from repeating the mistakes of the past.


Victor Frankenstein – stubborn, arrogant and still bristling from the fact his genius backfired so tragically, Frankenstein enters our story as a man brought low by circumstance but utterly convinced of his own importance. He has sworn off his diabolical experiments, but is it really so easy to put aside the chance to play God?

The Monster – intelligent, soulful but filled with unfathomable pain and rage, the Monster curses the man who brought him to life, yet is utterly aware that only Frankenstein truly understands him. Driven by the need to atone for the violence he caused in the past, the Monster seeks only peace and redemption – and will fight to earn it.

Elias Mallory – a slippery customer, a grifter who is always looking for a way to advance his own position in society by any means. He encounters Frankenstein and the Monster when they first arrive in New York, and quickly realises they could offer the key to a more comfortable future.

Jacob Cotton – a weathered frontier veteran, and the sheriff of a struggling Texas township, whose path crosses with Frankenstein and the Monster. Cotton has a secret that will lead to a reckoning for all involved.

Rose Cotton – Jacob’s 20-year-old daughter, as tough as her father but one of the few willing to see the noble soul trapped inside the Monster’s form.

Elijah Gaines – a brutal veteran of the Indian wars, now the leader of an outlaw gang that has its eye on Cotton’s town. What is the secret within its borders that so many will kill for?



Frankenstein, Texas is written by Dan Whitehead. An author, journalist and scriptwriter, Dan has over 20 years experience in professional publishing. Among the titles he has written are two official Star Wars books, comic adaptations of Poe’s Fall of the House of Usher, Jason and the Argonauts and Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, and the children’s historical science fiction novel Atlanta meets the Cotton Slaves. He has also written scripts for video games and television, and most recently self-published the retro gaming supernatural comic book Hex Loader and post-apocalyptic thriller Midwinter.

The artist on Frankenstein, Texas is 2006 Eagle Award winner David Hitchcock.  His past work includes The Visible Man with Pat Mills for 2000AD, the award-winning Madam Samurai, Springheeled Jack, Whitechapel Freak and a graphic novel adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic ghost story The Signal Man.


 This campaign is to primarily fund the art for a complete 48-page graphic novel. Although we are calling this “Volume 1” that’s because there are more stories we want to tell in this setting with (some of) these characters. To say any more would spoil the story, but suffice to say that the book being funded has a beginning, a middle and an emotionally satisfying ending. There will be no cliffhanger, no expectation for you to buy the next book. Obviously that would be lovely (please do that) but this is written as a story which stands by itself, as well as setting the stage for future adventures.


The script is complete and work has already begun on the interior pages – as you can see in the images here. This campaign is to raise the funds to pay for David’s time to complete the rest of the book. Money has already been set aside for lettering and printing.


Yes! Right here:


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Right now, our focus is getting all 48 pages completed to an appropriately high standard. If we do exceed our goal, then there are additional features we would like to add – not least full colour artwork throughout rather than black and white (although it is so gloriously atmospheric…) and the possibility of bonus “pin up” pages from other established artists. We shall see!

Video music: Graveyard Zombie Blues by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) (c) copyright 2014 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. Ft: Javolenus

Risks and challenges

The script for the comic is written, so the only constraint is David’s time with regards to the artwork. Work has already begun, but we are setting the completion date as March 2018 in order to allow for unexpected interruptions, as well as allowing for lettering and printing.

Both myself and David are experienced publishing professionals with a track record of delivering to deadline for major media companies, including 2000AD, Titan Comics, Lucasfilm, Guinness World Records and New Line Cinema.

The ideal scenario will be to deliver before the given date, but we would rather add in the extra time and give backers a nice surprise early than set an unrealistic time frame and disappoint people.

Here’s the link to their campaign here

Frankenstein Texas kickstarter

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