Support Hell Cross By Armagedoom On Kickstarter

Support Hell Cross By Armagedoom On Kickstarter

To Hell And Back?

♦ We always like to give comic kickstarters a bit of a boost here and Hell Cross by Armagedoom, an Italian comic project, looks intriguing. Here’s details on it…

 “Abyssus abyssum invocat”

Hell Cross issue #1 “the road of hell is paved with good intentions”

story by Andrea Amenta Stefano Cardoselli

Written by Andrea Amenta Artworks by Stefano Cardoselli

Colors Tommaso Devito

edit by Andrea Lorenzo Molinari


Eden, the perfect city. It has everything you could desire. Created by man in his image and likeness. A place where vices and virtue coexist in their maximum splendor and freedom. Controlled by an unwavering system, where murder is not contemplated …. … Until now!! A killer piles up victims. There are thirteen to be exact. However, media attention is centered on the death of the manager, a senior member of the Eden Corporation, a company with multiple subsidiaries that controls 60% of the global market in every for-profit sector). They are the creators and founders of Eden City. Travis J. Pride, a veteran NYC Metropolitan Police Detective now employed by Eden City, is tasked with solving this first series of killings that are shaking the foundations of a supposedly impeccable system. A series of bloody murders shake the foundations of the impeccable Eden City system. Every clue suggests a reason, every proof indicates a certainty, if the blood-letting isn’t stopped, it will surely continue its course. Death does not usually bring words, but one word is a prelude to death, a name: Frank.

Hell Cross kickstarter


Armagedoom factory:

Stefano Cardoselli (writer/artist) Heavy Metal Magazine,2000AD, Troma Entertainment Scount Comics, Caliber Comics, Antactic press,Simon and Shuster,Effequ Editrice

Andrea Amenta (writer)
Andrea Amenta is a Tuscan born Writer
Armagedoom Factory Co-Founder
he is working on “Hell Cross” “Kiev 1914”
and “The Mysterious Space Adventures of The Daring Darling: Private Dick”

Tommaso Devito (colorist)
Vertebrate, mammal. It leaves the lair only at night, to feed on carbs.
It works as a comic artist, colorist, graphic designer.
You can find it on every social network as Nuclearpasta. It draws a webcomic called Ten Earth Shattering Blows.

Andrea Lorenzo Molinari

(co-writer/ co-creator, The Shepherd: Apokatastasis, Caliber Comics 2015) – Molinari received his Ph.D. from Marquette University (1996). His previous writings vary considerably in genre and include four books, two scholarly monographs; an illustrated novel with Tyler J. Walpole: Climbing the Dragon’s Ladder: The Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas (2017 by Caliber Comics); and a role-playing game: Romans and Christians A.D. 64 (2009). In addition, he has published numerous scholarly articles as well as a variety of popular pieces. Other media projects include three audio courses, all through Now You Know Media, and a television documentary with BBC/ Discovery. Molinari also serves as a submissions editor and project editor for Caliber Comics (Tales from the Outer Rim; The Devil’s Armchair; Morning Star; and forthcoming The Wrath of God, Last on the List).

Here’s the link to the campaign Hell Cross Kickstarter

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