Support Stoker And Wells’ Kickstarter Campaign

Support Stoker And Wells’ Kickstarter Campaign

Thrilling Adventures

♦ Tripwire has always tried to help people out with kickstarter campaigns with a comics connection and so here’s the information on new comic graphic novel Stoker & Wells


In 1894 London, a 20-something H.G. Wells and a 40-something Bram Stoker meet and have a very unexpected 48-hour adventure that leads to the creative inspiration for both writer’s first great success – THE TIME MACHINE for Wells and DRACULA for Stoker.  It is not only a thrilling, scary, fun, and beautifully drawn adventure tale, but also a story about putting aside fear and insecurity and stepping into your true identity.

This will be a Full Color 64-Page Graphic Novel of the highest professional standard, not “print-on-demand”.  A huge part of our motivation is to inspire children (of all ages) to READ and to WRITE. H.G. Wells and Bram Stoker were indeed cool dudes without our help, but by putting these two in the pages of a graphic novel, we feel we can nudge young readers towards thinking Authors (and their books) are cool, and that they themselves are cool if they feel the calling to express themselves through Writing. Now, I’ll tell you a little about the three people involved in bringing this to life and then let you see six pages of the gorgeous art.



A twice-published Samuel French playwright and NYU Film School graduate, Steven started his screenwriting career writing Lionsgate’s THE CAT’S MEOW, set in 1924, starring Kirsten Dunst, Eddie Izzard, and directed by Peter Bogdanovich, and also writing three episodes of AMC’s Emmy-winning period dramedy, THE LOT.  Steven’s feature film directing debut, FOOTPRINTS, was praised as “One of the 10 Best Films So Far This Year” by the President of the New York Film Critics Circle.  He recently sold one-hour dramas to MTV and NBC/Universal, and has written for talent as diverse as Jackie Chan, Eva Longoria, and Dolly Parton.  For more, please visit:


A working illustrator and designer for the past 25 years, Barry has enjoyed a frequent creative partnership with Billy (SHI) Tucci and contributed his artwork not only to SHI but also DEMON GUN and the forthcoming ZOMBIE-SAMA.  Barry recently completed over 130 illustrations for A HISTORY OF WEAPONS, published by Chronicle Books. His extensive experience designing posters, logos, and graphic art has resulted in a client list that includes A&E, Mattel, Warner Brothers/DC, HIT Entertainment, and many others.


A much sought-after colorist, some of his credits include EVIL DEAD 2: BEYOND DEAD BY DAWN, GI JOE: AMERICA’S ELITE, SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND, and lots more.


A graphic novel and comic book industry veteran of over 20 years, Marshall has worked on properties like GI JOE, VOLTRON, and STREET FIGHTER. His lettering is considered the industry gold standard.


Billy is an artist and writer best known for his modern-day female samurai fable SHI. The multi-Eisner Award nominated SHI has been printed in four languages, sold more than 4 million comic books, and grossed over $25 million in prints, toys and other merchandise worldwide. Billy is also known for DC Comics’ SGT. ROCK reboot, HARLEY’S LITTLE BLACK BOOK, and the Eisner Award nominated BATMAN – TRICK FOR THE SCARE CROW.   His KS exclusive variant cover is In the 1890’s Art Nouveau style of Mucha, reminiscent of his Moët & Chandon posters from the era of our graphic novel, and featuring our female lead, “Nina”, an Eloi from 5894 who, like STOKER AND WELLS, steps into her power & heroism in the pages of our book!


J.C. is the Vice President of Publishing at Gemstone, publishers of “The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide” and other leading pop culture-related titles.  He is also an accomplished writer, having created ZOMBIE-PROOF, BEDTIME STORIES FOR IMPRESSIONABLE CHILDREN and as co-writer for the comic book extensions of STARGATE ATLANTIS & STARGATE UNIVERSE.


This Kickstarter campaign has been meticulously budgeted and planned so that once our funding is met, we will be ready for the printers in six months.  This funding level provides reduced fees for everyone involved, all printing costs, delivery, fulfillment of Kickstarter reward obligations, plus fees related to Kickstarter.  There is nothing foreseen standing in the way of us fulfilling our obligation to all who contribute.  Once we reach our first funding goal, we will announce two more “stretch goals” which will allow for a larger print run, increased funding for advertising and staff, and additional levels of PR and Marketing.


What follows is a sample six-page sequence that occurs roughly midway through our graphic novel.  We have chosen to show you pages in various stages of completion so you can get a “behind the scenes” peek at the stunning process, thus, some are fully inked & colored while other pages are inked-only, and one page is just penciled.  When completed, all pages will be fully inked and colored.

In a nutshell, Stoker and Wells meet in London of 1894 and through extraordinary fictitious circumstances, rooted in historical accuracy (which will remain under wraps until publication!), find themselves forced at gunpoint to travel 4000 years into the future in a time machine not of their own design.  The machine is pre-programed to return to 1894 exactly 48 hours later, so Stoker and Wells are dealt a huge blow when… the time machine is stolen!  Now the two men must journey through the weird and dangerous Earth of 5894 to find their machine before it returns without them, aided by “Nina”, an Eloi, and “Wren”, who claims to be a “reformed” Morlock…

Here’s the URL for the kickstarter campaign

Stoker & Wells kickstarter

Stoker & Wells kickstarter



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