Support Time Bomb’s Flintlock Book Three Now On Kickstarter

Support Time Bomb’s Flintlock Book Three Now On Kickstarter

Fully Loaded Again

♦ Tripwire has always been happy to give comic projects a boost on Kickstarter and Time Bomb Comics’ third Flintlock is on the crowdfunding platform now (although it doesn’t seem to need our help). Here’s the details…



Hi, I’m Steve Tanner and welcome to the pre-order campaign for Flintlock Book Three.

The Book

Flintlock is a regular comics anthology series with a difference – each book tells stories featuring a unique range of genuinely diverse characters in an Eighteenth Century shared historical timeline. The Eighteenth Century (1701 to 1800) was the era of highwaymen, pirates, samurai and thief-takers, and encompassed some of the most tumultuous changes in world history involving some of the richest personalities – and this is one of the inspirations for the stories and characters that feature in Flintlock.

Flintlock Books One and Two were previously successfully pre-ordered through Kickstarter and I’m hoping Flintlock Book Three will be equally well received. This latest book not only features the further adventures of Lady Flintlock and Shanti the Pirate Queen – key characters in the Flintlock timeline – but also introduces three new characters in two more complete stories. Pre-ordering Book Three through this campaign can also get you some very unique special rewards for doing so, and ensures you get your copy of Flintlock Book Three cheaper than it will be offered to the mass-market when it’s published in April 2018.

But if you haven’t enjoyed Flintlock before there’s still opportunity to join us and catch-up as part of this campaign as we have both reward and add-on options that include the previous books.

So what you can expect from our third volume? Firstly, where the first two books were 48 pages, Flintlock Book Three will be a whopping 64 pages, perfect bound, with a full colour cardstock cover and black and white interiors.

Reaction to the first two Flintlock books has been phenomenal – I’m delighted that so many people are enjoying the stories and the concept behind it. But it’s proved incredibly difficult to produce more than one book a year, so I’m hoping this format change will make up for that by giving you more pages without too much of a price increase.

The Stories

Highwayman Lady Flintlock returns, with Anthony Summey once more producing some stunning artwork. In Book three we continue the story of Sarah Flintlock as she tries to evade capture for her crimes, but do unexpected arrivals and uncomfortable alliances herald the end of her coach-robbing escapades? The artwork shown here is spoiler-free, but I can guarantee that the final page of this chapter in Lady Flintlock’s saga will make the wait for Book Four seem a very long way off…

Also returning is Shanti the Pirate Queen, again featuring artwork by Lorenzo Nicoletta. So far we’ve seen Shanti’s ruthlessness to both her enemies and her crew, but for every pirate the biggest danger was the sea itself. In this story, Shanti comes face to face with the fury of the elements which leads to a shocking conclusion…

Then to take full advantage of our increased page count we have two new stories and three new characters making their Flintlock debut:

First we go to 1740s Okinawa, and we introduce Onna, a blind geisha who has struck up an unlikely friendship with an old warrior. The artwork for Onna is by the talented Caroline Parkinson. If you supported our Book Two campaign, last year you may remember Caroline was one of the artists for our limited prints, so I’m delighted to have worked on a complete story with her.

Last and by no means least, our final story introduces Molly and the Trickster Thief, who are a couple of confidence tricksters scamming their way through 1770s London. England’s Capital has always been a very cosmopolitan and broad-minded city, so is the ideal setting for two characters that I’ve been looking forward to revealing since Flintlock was first conceived. You see, these pair are sometimes not what they seem, depending how their mood and necessity takes them. The artwork for this story is provided by David Morris and Patrick O’Connor. David has also drawn our stunning Shanti-themed cover.

The Rewards

For this campaign I’ve put together a good mix of reward tiers that are based on what reward content seemed popular in the previous campaigns. For the complete list check out the full rewards section but here’s a quick look at a few of them:

Digital edition – The £5 tier gives you a digital copy of the book. What makes this reward special is that the digital edition will not be offered through any other online digital distribution service until at least September 2018, so this will be the only way to get a digital copy until then.

Print edition – If you just want the printed 64 page book with no frills the £10 tier is for you, although you will also get the £5 digital book included in this reward. With free postage to UK addresses and at cost shipping elsewhere this is once again your opportunity to get Flintlock cheaper than it will be anywhere else.

Print Plus – If you like to get extras then this is the reward tier to go for. As well as the print and digital copies you’ll get a limited print of the cover artwork and your copy of Flintlock will be signed. What’s more, should we manage to achieve any stretch goals as part of this campaign, ALL unlocked extra content will be automatically added to this pledge level.

Bookplate Edition – This one’s a bit special, as for just £25 it offers all the content of the £15 pledge and also includes an original fully inked sketch by David Morris on a limited signed and numbered exclusive bookplate. It’s a chance to own some original art of your favourite Flintlock character for a small premium. As such there’s only a limited amount available.

Here’s the link through to the campaign Flintlock Book Three Campaign

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