The Comics Industry Pays Tribute To John Paul Leon

The Comics Industry Pays Tribute To John Paul Leon

Remembering A Truly Distinctive Comics Artist

Many of John Paul Leon’s contemporaries and his friends have been remembering him online and here’s just a few…

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Toward the end of Walter Simonson’s first year teaching at #SVA, he invited me to come speak to his class. I marched…

Posted by Jon Bogdanove on Sunday, 2 May 2021

This one is tough to write.

John Paul Leon caught the last train out this morning. JP was a brilliant artist and, I…

Posted by Walter Simonson on Sunday, 2 May 2021

John Paul Leon is no longer with us. He drew some of my very favorite comics before he and I got to work together. The way he drew the shadow a figure cast instead of just the figure made him a master of the craft even the first time I saw his work. He did a Foot Soldiers piece for me before Earth X that is one of the best five pieces I think there will ever be of the team. And our work on Earth X with Alex Ross and Bill Reinhold remains one of the proudest and best collaborations and experiences of my career and life. I’m so grateful he did so much work. I’m so sad that that will have to be enough. But as Mary Poppins says, “Enough is as good as a feast.” And every page John drew was a feast. #johnpaulleon #alexross #alexrossart #milestone #dwaynemcduffie #earthx #earthxtrilogy #dccomics #marvelsx #milestonecomics #batman #static #staticshock #wolverine #marypoppins

Noting with sadness the passing of John Paul Leon, a talented contributor to DC and Milestone that I never had the…

Posted by Paul Levitz on Sunday, 2 May 2021

People can support the gofundme that has been set up to help his daughter. Here’s the link to that

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