Tim Cundle Talks Mass Movement: The Digital Years Volume 2

Tim Cundle Talks Mass Movement: The Digital Years Volume 2

It’s A Mass Movement

Editor and writer and friend of Tripwire Tim Cundle has been publishing music and culture magazine almost as long as we have and book, Mass Movement: The Digital Years Volume 2, is out now from Earth island Books. Cundle just spoke to us about this latest print collection and the magazine/ website in general… 

TRIPWIRE: Mass Movement: The Digital Years Vol.2 is out now. What was your selection process with picking the content for this volume?
TIM CUNDLE: Honestly? I just picked the things that I liked. It wasn’t about marquee names or unit shifting artists, I just choose the interviews that I enjoyed doing and reading and the features that I thought best epitomised what Mass Movement was, and continues to be.
TW: And having done a first compilation book with Mass Movement: The Digital Years Vol.1, what did you learn from that process that you could put into practice here?
TC: Not really. I just sort of employed the same approach. I chose with my heart rather than my head, which has always been the way I’ve worked. It isn’t exactly the best way to do things professionally, but it’s far more rewarding on a personal level.
TW: You have been running a successful website for a number of years now. What is it about print that you miss than you are unable to do on the web?
TC: I miss print every single day. I prefer physical product to digital, always have. Ink gets in your blood, and there’s nothing quite like holding a copy of a magazine that you put together in your hands.
That said, digital allows you to share music and video with your readers, which means that they can get a far clearer mental picture of who the artists that you’re interviewing are. But print, it just feels more substantial and rewarding than digital ever will, and forces you to focus on what’s important, what your audience wants and to control some of your wilder creative impulses. Print is a much more concise and deliberate medium than digital is, and ever will be.
TW: How did it feel to go back to the content to choose for this second volume in print?
TC: Slightly odd and a little surreal. It was almost like editing a chapter of my life to make it more palpable than it actually was. But at the same time, it was fun and made me realise that we actually did a lot of great interviews and published some really good content.
TW:Which of these interviews and features in the second volume are you most proud of to this day?
TC: Oh, that’s easy. The Steve Niles, Jay Bentley (Bad Religion), Roger Miret (Agnostic Front), Paul Bearer (Sheer Terror) and Neal Adams interviews. Even though I’ve interviewed four of the five a few times, they’re such incredibly interesting and creative people that I could, and would happily talk to them for days. And getting to talk to to Neal fulfilled a lifelong ambition, and he was everything that I hoped he would be and more.
TW: With a brief return to print in these two books, would you ever consider doing any more print magazines under the Mass Movement banner?
TC: I would love to and would do it in heartbeat if it were possible. And one day I hope to make it a reality.
TW: What would it take for that to become a reality?
TC: The costs to be covered, that’s about it really. In an ideal world, it’d be a full time, paid job, but as we both know Joel, print is a crazy business and the world is far from ideal. So, we’ll have to see. But watch this space, because wheels are in motion….
TW:And would you consider doing a third collection in five years time too?
TC: I think so. Obviously it would depend on other factors, but I’m certainly willing to look at. Maybe in a decade or so rather than five years, but yeah I’d certainly be interested in doing it.
TW: It started as just a punk rock fanzine but you have been around over two decades now. How do you think your younger self would feel if you told him that Mass Movement would have this level of longevity?
TC: He’d probably laugh, shake his head and call me crazy. It was never supposed to last anywhere near this long, but the fact that it has makes me smile every single day, because it means that people actually appreciate and like what we do. And that’s an incredible feeling.
TW: How would you describe the ethos of Mass Movement in one sentence?
TC: Be true to yourself, who you are and enjoy what you do. And as Henry Rollins said “No such thing as downtime, no such thing as spare time, all you’ve got is lifetime. Go”
Mass Movement: The Digital Years Volume 2 is out now from Earth Island Books

Visit Mass Movement on the web here too

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