Tripwire Reschedules Its Spring Special

Tripwire Reschedules Its Spring Special

But It Will Be Out Later This Year

The current climate has meant that many things have been going through huge changes and so we have had to rethink our plans to bring the print magazine out in May…

But we have been buoyed by the support we have received so far from people on the Indiegogo campaign that is still running. So here is what we intend to do: keep the campaign running until 11 May and then reschedule the magazine for either September or October. Many comic retailers are closed and a lot of people are in a very uncertain position at the moment so we thought it would make a lot more sense to bring it out when things are hopefully more stable.

Most of the features originally announced will still be in what will become a summer or autumn special but there will also be new content added now too. There will be a big feature looking at the implications of the new landscape on the comics industry by Tripwire’s editor-in-chief Joel Meadows and contributing writer Scott Braden plus a number of features on James Bond, since the new film is now coming out in November.

So keep your eyes peeled here for an official announcement over the next few months but we have far too much forward momentum to stop this now. People can still support our indiegogo by visiting here

So any funds we raise from the indiegogo will go into a fund to cover the costs of the print magazine, which we shall use for the new publication date. We shall also be launching a new campaign to raise the rest if we don’t hit the current target, which we still hope to but these are challenging times.

And here’s a few of the spreads already designed for it

We are still very excited by going back to print and we are determined to make this happen still

thanks for reading and here’s that indiegogo link again

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