Tripwire Reviews Hellboy: 25 Years Of Covers

Tripwire Reviews Hellboy: 25 Years Of Covers

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Tripwire’s editor-in-chief Joel Meadows takes a look at Hellboy: 25 Years Of Covers, out from 3 July from Dark Horse Comics in hardcover‚Ķ

Hellboy: 25 Years In Covers
Artist: Mike Mignola and others
Dark Horse Comics

2019 marks the 25th anniversary of Mike Mignola’s creation and Dark Horse has been celebrating this with a number of different things. This is a 192 page lavish hardcover which reprints an impressive selection of Hellboy covers from Mignola and a few other artists over the years.

The book opens with an introduction from Mignola offering a little glimpse into how he approaches creating covers and then we are thrown into the the book itself. Looking at the Mignola covers here, you are reminded just how well-composed his covers are: dynamic and kinetic and funny too when they need to be. The work of other artists like Kevin Nowlan, Gary Gianni, John Cassaday and Phil Noto are represented here as well. In Hellboy, Mignola has created a character imbued with all of the facets that a timeless comic creation requires to capture people’s imaginations and keep readers coming back over many years.

It is impossible to choose a favourite image in this book as there are so many classics but personal highlights include his cover to Hellboy: The Wolves Of St August on pg19, Hellboy The Wild Hunt trade cover on pg105, his cover to Hellboy and The Bride of Hell on pg127 and the cover to Hellboy Omnibus Volume 4; Hellboy In Hell on pg180.

The reproduction here is lovely and it is rather nice to see the covers without their logos too.

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Mignola is arguably one of the finest modern comics cover artists and this book is a wonderful addition to any comic art fans’ bookshelves. The inclusion of a few of the other artists’ covers is a welcome one as well. My only minor quibble is that it might have been nice to have included a few comments on each cover included here for context but this doesn’t really detract from its quality. A great book for Hellboy or Mignola afficionados

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Hellboy: 25 Years Of Covers
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