Tripwire Reviews Marvel’s Strange Academy Volume One

Tripwire Reviews Marvel’s Strange Academy Volume One

A Class Act

Tripwire reviews Marvel’s Strange Academy Vol.1 First Class, by Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos, out now…

Strange Academy: First Class
Writer: Skottie Young
Artist: Humberto Ramos
Colours: Edgar Delgado

Skottie Young has made a name for himself creating some of the more manic mainstream comics of the past decade while artist Humberto Ramos has a CV that includes Impulse, Spectacular Spider-man and Crimson. Strange Academy is a younger readers book which tells the story of Doctor Strange’s Strange Academy, a school for the mystically talented that the Sorcerer Supreme has opened up in New Orleans.

Young has taken the concept and really run with it, creating something that is light and entertaining, ably assisted by Ramos on art. We get to meet characters like Strange archvillain Dormammu’s son Doyle, frost giant Guslaug and Asgardian brothers Iric and Alvi Brorson. Marvel mainstays like Brother Voodoo, Doctor Strange’s assistant Zelma Bright and the sorcerer’s former mentor The Ancient One are in charge of the school and of course, because magic is involved here, nothing runs smoothly for the pupils or the teachers.

Ramos is still a very clear storyteller as much at home with action sequences as he is with the more lowkey moments.

Strange Academy is a genuinely engaging series with a tone that is perfect for younger readers. Young and Ramos are a creative team with real chemistry too.


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