Tripwire Reviews Rebellion’s Zenith Phase One: The Apex Edition

Tripwire Reviews Rebellion’s Zenith Phase One: The Apex Edition

Representing Morrison’s Breakout Strip As Never Seen Before

Tripwire’s contributing writer Scott Braden takes a look at Rebellion’s lavish Zenith Phase One: The Apex Edition hardcover…

Zenith Phase One: Apex Edition
Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Steve Yeowell

Rebellion’s Zenith Phase One: The Apex Edition reproduces the original artwork from writer Grant Morrison and artist Steve Yeowell’s landmark super-hero tale from the late 1980s at full size. Hidden away by Yeowell for almost three decades and curated by 2000 AD‘s design team, the Apex Edition is the closest that readers can get to holding the original artwork from this epic storyline in their hands. It is an incredibly detailed oversized reproduction – right down to seeing faded speech balloons pasted to the surface, editorial and design marks, and Yeowell’s brush and pen strokes.

“Zenith’s first series,” said Yeowell, “reprinted in the Apex Edition, was also my first serial work for 2000 AD. Looking back over the pages, scanned directly from and printed the same size as the original artwork, I’m struck by how even the large format is almost too small to suggest the breadth and scope of Grant’s vision of an alternative earth where both superhero media stars and Lovecraftian gods – sometimes hidden and sometimes in plain sight – dwell amongst mortals. I felt driven by the scripts Grant wrote to try to do that vision at least a semblance of justice, and I hope people enjoy reading (or re-reading?) the series as much as I enjoyed drawing it.”

Although this piece certainly shows off Morrison at what is perhaps the beginning of his most inspired storytelling, the Zenith Phase One: The Apex Edition is really Yeowell’s show. Each page comes to life in brilliant black-and-white . . . and what work it is!

The bottom line? The Zenith Phase One: The Apex Edition is detailed in its reproduction and amazing in its scope. An extra for Zenith fans are the edition’s bonus materials – mostly in colour – offered in the back of this wonderful edition. A winning addition to the myriad art editions produced, and a comic book collectible well worth the price of admission.   

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Zenith Phase One Apex Edition by Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell
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