Tripwire Speaks To Author CD Hamilton

Tripwire Speaks To Author CD Hamilton

A Novel Approach

Although new to readers on both sides of the Pond, C.D. Hamilton has worked professionally in the writing and editing field for more than two decades.Blind Expectations, both a love story and family drama, is his debut novel. The first novel . . .  but certainly not the last, as TRIPWIRE discovered when this talented author took time out of his writing to speak to us. Tripwire’s contributing writer Scott Braden spoke to him recently…

You write under the pseudonym of C.D. Hamilton. Besides being an exciting new novelist, what is your day job?

The title of my day job is writer-editor. Basically I review a variety of documents for correct grammar, punctuation, etc., and suggest ways text can read better.  Also, quite often I search for acronym meanings… Maybe I should add “acronym hunter” to my resumé. lol

Where did the idea for your story come from? Is this something that has been percolating inside you for a while, or did it come fast and furious in a series or epiphanies and revelations?

I had a desire to create an old-fashioned, feel-good love story, with an edgier family drama subplot, to touch people’s hearts and move them emotionally.

The story has indeed been percolating inside me for quite a while. With all the negativity in the world, I wanted to offer readers an escape from it, something that would ultimately uplift their spirits.

There are definite romantic elements in your novel. Do you consider yourself a romantic?

I am a realist more than anything, though I’d be lying if I said I weren’t a romantic deep down inside.  I don’t think I could have written a story like this without being one!

This novel presents a tough look at love and class. Do you consider this a commentary on class war among the New Romantics?

No, nothing like that; I purposely avoid controversy in my works.  In Blind Expectations, some characters are nice people and some are not, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

How did you come up with such provocative characters? Are they based on any real-life iterations?

It’s difficult to answer how I came up with my novel’s characters… I basically envisioned a movie in my mind and wrote what I was seeing. As the main character is rather serious, I wanted to balance this with some light-hearted moments, so I created a few humorous characters. The outspoken and eccentric neighbor Rae quickly comes to mind.  As does Vito, the main character’s down-to-earth, fun-loving supervisor. 

By the way, the character of Alistair is British; maybe some in the TRIPWIRE audience will find this appealing.

I wouldn’t say my characters are based on real-life iterations, though I do recognize character traits in everyday interactions (I hope this makes sense!). I definitely had to stretch my imagination and stir some creative juices as I visualized my novel’s characters, their dialogue, actions, etc. This is part of the fun, of course!

Do you consider this novel a contemporary love story or a family drama? Or, perhaps, both?

I consider this novel a contemporary love story with a family drama subplot.

Have you been happy with the reader interest in your book?

As a new, unknown author, there hasn’t been tremendous reader interest in my book, but I’m hoping this will change with more exposure and publicity. Hopefully this TRIPWIRE feature will help with this. :))  And hopefully there’s a literary agent out there somewhere willing to take me on as a client.  Fingers crossed!

What new worlds of fiction are you dreaming up now?

I’m currently “dreaming up” a family drama. I know the plot and characters already, and how the story ends, but I’m struggling with the title. Hopefully it will come to me as I finish writing.  Again, fingers crossed.

Look for more information on the novel, Blind Expectations, on Hamilton’s Facebook Page at

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