Watch The Eisner Awards At [email protected]

Watch The Eisner Awards At Comic-con@home

The Oscars Of The Comics Industry

It was the Eisner Awards at [email protected] last week and here’s the video of the virtual ceremony hosted by Phil LaMarr…

The “Oscars” of the comics industry honour comics creators and their works in 32 categories. This virtual ceremony is hosted by Phil LaMarr, the actor/voice actor/comedian known for roles in animated series including Green Lantern/John Stewart and Ed Reiss in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, Hermes Conrad in Futurama, and the title characters on both Samurai Jack and Static Shock. Sergio Aragonés announces this year’s Eisner Hall of Fame inductees, and Ruth Clampett presents the 2020 Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award recipients.

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