A Conversation with Tess Fowler (Thought Bubble 2016)

A Conversation with Tess Fowler (Thought Bubble 2016)

The Rat Queen Speaks

On the last day of the convention for the Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival 2016 (held over the weekend of 6th-7th November), Leonard Sultana (An Englishman In San Diego) was lucky enough to get some time to talk with artist Tess Fowler on her first visit to the UK.

Tess is a creative that has inspired massive loyalty from her fans, not only for her artwork (including the cult favourite RAT QUEENS) but also for her highly personal and vocal social media presence. In this conversation, Leonard and Tess talk about her relationship with her fans at conventions and online, and how she balances her output with attending conventions in a busy calendar…

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