Grandville Noel by Bryan Talbot

Grandville Noel by Bryan Talbot

Today it’s the turn of Grandville: Noel, the fourth book in Bryan Talbot’s anthropomorphic graphic novel series starring Detective Inspector LeBrock, published by Jonathan Cape in the UK and Dark Horse in the US, to be in the graphic novel spotlight.


Bryan Talbot is a rare talent: able to write and draw, he brings a number of unique influences to bear (pardon the pun) in his work. Grandville: Noel deals with badger detective LeBrock being hired to find a missing girl, only to get embroiled in the machinations of a sinister cult. Talbot throws in nods to a number of other cartoonists in his work here and, as ever, he is able to move the action along with rare grace and panache as he is an excellent storyteller. He has created an alternate world that engages the reader with a lightness of touch that very few other comic creators are able to bring to their work.

Grandville: Noel, like its three predecessors, is the work of a truly accomplished mature comics creator and Talbot manages to channel a number of illustrative inspirations in his work here. His work continues to be literate, intelligent and entertaining. Exciting, satirical and smart, Grandville: Noel is a worthy addition to fans of graphic novels, Bryan Talbot and adventure…


Grandville Noel

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