Batman Earth One V2 by Geoff Johns, Gary Frank and Jon Sibal

Batman Earth One V2 by Geoff Johns, Gary Frank and Jon Sibal

Batman-earth-one-volume-two-cover-scanBatman Earth One Volume Two by Geoff Johns, Gary Frank and Jon Sibal, DC Comics

The Earth One graphic novels from DC have been very hit and miss. The three Superman original graphic novels were poorly conceived, and the Teen Titans one was pleasant but unmemorable. However Batman Earth One volume one was a very enjoyable take on the Batman mythos. Volume Two, by the same creative team as the first one, picks up where it left off and we are introduced to the Earth One versions of The Riddler, Harvey Dent and Killer Croc. On Earth One, Harvey Dent has a sister, Jessica, who happens to be the city’s mayor. Just like in the first volume, Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred is a former special forces soldier. Johns has managed to put an interesting spin on the regular Gotham and its denizens and Frank is a great comic artist who manages to bring a classic yet contemporary feel to his art and there is a simple elegance to it. Without taking anything away from the regular team of the Batman book Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, Johns and Frank give the reader an engaging and intriguing alternate world tale of Batman and his cast of characters. If you are a fan of quality Batman stories, Batman Earth One Volume Two is a must-read.

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Batman: Earth One Volume 2 HC

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