Cinder And Ashe by Gerry Conway and Jose Luis Garcia Lopez

Cinder And Ashe by Gerry Conway and Jose Luis Garcia Lopez

Cinder-and-Ashe-trade-coverThis week’s classic graphic novel pick is Cinder and Ashe by Gerry Conway and Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, DC Comics. This was published as a four issue miniseries back in 1988 but it wasn’t collected until 2014. Conway is a veteran comic writer who co-created The Punisher at Marvel and worked on everything from Justice League of America and Firestorm, which he co-created at DC, to Amazing Spider-man at Marvel. Cinder and Ashe is the tale of two investigators, Vietnam veteran Jacob Ashe and half-Vietnamese orphan Cinder DuBois, who are drawn into a case that involves a corrupt US senate candidate with a secret that he’s prepared to kill for to keep quiet. Conway has always been good at action and teamed with exceptional classic comic artist Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, they manage to make what would be rather a hackneyed and perfunctory story shine. Garcia Lopez brings a kineticism and a dynamism to the work here that very few other artists could match (perhaps someone like the late, great Joe Kubert could manage it). There is a savage beauty to his linework and he really brings the beautiful but deadly Cinder to life on the page. Cinder and Ashe only appeared as a one-off four part series, which is a shame as it felt like Conway had more stories to tell with the pair but regardless of this, Cinder and Ashe is an exciting action adventure tale with some classically elegant art and a story that grips you from start to finish…

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