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Celebrating The Best In The Game

We have always been keen on supporting comic and comic-related kickstarter campaigns and our friend Mark Chiarello has just launched a baseball illustration kickstarter campaign with the help of writer Nel Yomtov…

Baseball is back! Well, we like to think it never left.

Welcome to “BASEBALL 100,” a 128-page lavishly illustrated hardcover book that will both entertain and add fuel to one of baseball’s most enduring controversies.

Artist Mark Chiarello and writer Nel Yomtov have teamed up to join the ultimate baseball debate: Who are the greatest 100 players in hardball history? Who holds the number one spot? Is it Babe Ruth? Willie Mays? Ty Cobb? How do baseball’s greatest pitchers rank? Walter Johnson or Randy Johnson? Koufax or Kershaw? “BASEBALL 100” settles the argument, ranking the top 100 players—in order!

Each page features an evocative, full-color illustration of a legendary player, one of those among the very best to ever play our national pastime. An insightful bio highlighting the ballplayer’s major achievements and place in baseball history accompanies each illustration. Major league legends share the spotlight with the great Negro Leaguers, as well as players from the steroid era, “banned-for-life” ballplayers, and current superstars.

Choosing the top 100 players in baseball history was no easy task. As an added bonus, “BASEBALL 100”includes a special section devoted to the players who just missed the cut . . . the next 25 greatest ballplayers.

Come share your love of baseball and baseball art . . . order your copy of “BASEBALL 100” today! 


MARK CHIARELLO is an American painter and illustrator. He has done work for, among others, Lucasfilm, Disney, the NBA, Topps, DC, and Marvel Comics. Mark is the artist of the widely celebrated book “Heroes of the Negro Leagues.” He has also taught and lectured at the Norman Rockwell Museum, Pratt Institute, SVA, and the Savannah College of Art. 

NEL YOMTOV is an award-winning author of nonfiction works. His writing has appeared in HISTORY and National Geographic publications, and major educational publishers, including Scholastic Inc., Capstone Press, and ABDO Publishing. Nel has written extensively on American history, world politics, military history, and baseball. In 2019 his collection of biographical sketches of Negro Leagues players was showcased in an exhibition at CHS Field in St. Paul, Minnesota, home of the St. Paul Saints. Nel has also served as creative and marketing consultant to Major League Baseball, helping develop a community outreach program based on the life of Jackie Robinson.

Risks and challenges

The artwork and writing for the book are done, so unless there’s some unforeseen snafu with printing, all is on schedule.

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