Laurence Campbell Interviewed

Laurence Campbell Interviewed

Enhancing The World of Hellboy’s BPRD

♦On the weekend of February 20th to 21st 2016, Tripwire attended the fifth London Super Comic Con, where we caught up in an exclusive video interview with acclaimed British comic artist Laurence Campbell, who spoke to us about working on Dark Horse’s long-running BPRD series and much more…

Laurence Campbell is a British comic artist who started his career working on Caliber’s Negative Burn anthology and then got noticed by 2000AD. At 2000AD, he collaborated with future big name Rob Williams. His work there led to working for Marvel, where he teamed up with Williams once again and also with fellow British writer Peter Milligan. He is currently one of the regular artists on Dark Horse’s BPRD series, which span out of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy book, with writers Mignola and John Arcudi. His unique old-school storytelling and dynamic page composition has given him a loyal following. Tripwire editor-in-chief spoke to him in this exclusive video interview.


Laurence Campbell


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